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Brian McSweeney was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where he attended the National College of Art and Design. He became part of the team at Sullivan Bluth Studios in Dublin beginning as a cel-painter, and worked his way up to Special Effects Animator, working on well-known feature animation films such as An American Tale, The Land Before Time, Thumbelina, Rock-a-Doodle and All Dogs Go to Heaven, and also on video games: Space Ace and Dragons Lair.

In Berlin, Germany he worked with Hahn Film supervising and training animators in Special FX while participating on a feature animation film entitled, Astrix Goes to America. In Hyderbad, India, Brian worked as Special FX Director/Designer on "Son of the Goddess" a live action movie.

Settling in Los Angeles in 1991, he has worked with Hanna Barbera Studios as a Special Effects Animator on a feature animation film entitled, The Page Master.

He later joined Rich Animation Studios where he held the position of Special Effects Supervisor for 6 years. He worked as a traditional artist and CGI animator/designer in feature film animations such as The Swan Princess I, II and III, The Scarecrow, The Trumpet of the Swan, and Revelations.

Bringing his extensive 3D animation, modeling and special effects experience,  Brian has worked  with investors, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to assist in the development of new business, renovations and other architectural design projects. 

Over the years he has freelanced on multiple video games from 7th Level and feature animated movies such as Space Jam for Warner Bros. and Anastasia for Fox Feature Animation. Also freelanced VFX Directed on the Son of the Goddess in Hyderbad, India.

In July 2003. he relocated to San Francisco and has worked on numerous video game projects for Electronic Arts, including Everything or Nothing - Bond, The Third Age - Lord of the Rings, Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2005 and Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2006.

In August 2005 Brian joined Stormfront Studios to work on Eragon, based on the movie of the same title. After this he went on tho work on The Spiderwick Chronicles and left in December 2007 to join for one more time EA, to work on Dead Space. After Dead Space he went to Cryptic to work on Champions Online. Then he joined Sega to work on Ironman2 as the sole vfx animator on this major title. After Sega he helped Namco Bandai finish Splatterhouse for a short period before joining Sanzaru Games Inc. to work on Sly Cooper, Thieves in Time.


He spent 2013 working on his own project Celtic Twilight, a game/ education app, which is still in development.

In January 2014 Brian started working with Toys For Bob on Skylanders Trap Team, a game that is scheduled for release in October 2014. Brian is currently seeking a new job and working on Celtic Twilight.


Contact Information:


San Francisco, CA 94121

Email Address:

Phone Number:

(415) 290-9484


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Professional Affiliations and Accreditations:

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland.

Don Bluth Animation Studios, Dublin, Ireland.

Hahn Film, Berlin, Germany.

Richcrest Animation Studios, Burbank, Los Angeles.

Fox Feature Animation, Phoenix, Arizona.

Warner Bros Feature Animation, Los Angeles.

Electronic Arts, Redwood City, California

Stormfront Studios, San Rafael, California

Cryptic Studios, Los Gatos, California

Sega Studios Studios, San Francisco, California

Namco Bandai, San Jose, California

Sanzaru Games Inc. Foster City, California

Video Game Awards/Recognition:

Nominee Visual Effects Society Awards:

"Everything or Nothing"

"Lord Of The Rings, The Third Age"

Critical praise from in regard to Tiger Woods 2006 Xbox360:

"The amount of graphical detail in the one playable hole we saw was astonishing: ... some incredible particle sand effects when blasting out of a bunker..."


All content 2010 Brian Mc Sweeney